A New Makerspace for the New School Year

I am so excited to start building and learning with the students in our new Makerspace! Although a few items remain on our punch list, the space is open for students and staff to enjoy. The colorful floor helps define three main zones: 1) the green construction/studio zone, which includes the green screen studio, wooden blocks, vertical space for marble runs, and the flight lab wind tunnel. The yellow floor indicates the design zone. Dry-erase tabletops provide a wonderful surface for collaboration, and the pinwheel table segments may be separated as needed. The design zone also includes a vertically-mounted dry-erase board and LEGO bricks. The blue floor defines the fabrication/programming zone. This area includes a woodworking bench, textile resources, robots, iPads and laptops. I invite parents to visit the space after the PPP meeting on Friday, September 16th, or at Back-to-School Night on Thursday, September 22nd. Classroom teachers, Mrs. Opdahl, Ms. Kapsch and I will design curricular- or skill-based activities that will put the new space and resources to good use. Scroll over these photographs of the Makerspace and student activities to view captions.

The third graders enjoyed trying several Makerspace activities, including littleBits drawbots, Cubelets, keyword searches with note-taking on the dry-erase tables, Joinks, Rigamajig and LEGOs. Second graders had fun with the flight lab. Preprimary pals created wire and bead sculptures in the green zone.

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