CHS Makers in Action

The CHS Makerspace began with a few borrowed and recycled resources and one big idea: that allowing children to learn through building  and creative problem-solving is a great, age-appropriate way for the students to use the library as a learning commons. Over the past few years, makerspaces have been popping up in libraries nationwide. For many librarians, including myself, design/build challenges are  exciting (and logical) updates to the informational scavenger hunts that originally lured us into the profession.

In its first year-and-a-half, the CHS makerspace was located in a corner of the library. It delighted students, and afforded me another way to observe student development, perseverance, and respectful collaboration. Even our youngest students make frequent use of the space, often using resources as props for their soaring imaginations. During the summer of 2016 the Makerspace moved into a much larger space adjacent to the library. I look forward to working with the rest of the faculty to develop maker activities that support the classroom curricula. Mrs. Opdahl is using the new space for coding instruction for grades 1-3, and for other maker activities that incorporate technology, such as robotics. I will continue to design maker activities around literature and fine motor development goals.

October, 2017: Our third graders complemented their classroom exploration of Viking life by designing and building a Viking longboat using Rigamajig and other materials. Longboat, indeed! It was too long for out green screen, but we put up additional green background materials in order to simulate a sea voayage using the DoInk Green Screen app. The students documented the project using PicCollage and Seesaw. Enjoy these images and videos of our app-smashing Vikings!

April, 2017: Check out our new decorative wall friezes! The wooden gears were painted by students. Our motto, “Think…Make…Improve” now is displayed above the doors to the library — words to live (and learn) by!

This gallery highlights a few of of our maker activities. Scroll over the photos to see captions.

Scenes from 2015-16 when the Makerspace was in the library:

From 2014-2015: Here are a few video highlights of our maker year at CHS. Learning is so much fun in the makerspace!

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